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Korea Disabled people's Development Institute (KODDI) is a Ministry of Health and Welfare affiliated government organization, accordance to the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act which came in effect in 1981. KODDI mainly carries out the following activities: research and evaluation developing national disability policies; providing vocational rehabilitation services to persons with severe disabilities, and expanding Universal Design environment to promote the welfare of persons with disabilities in Korea.

“We make the world a better place where persons with disabilities can live happily by developing policies and supporting their independent living”

At the same time, KODDI runs “Center for Disabled Children and Developmental Disabilities” to provide customized welfare services to both children with disabilities and persons with developmental disabilities. Since KODDI was designated as the secretariat of MRR Fund by MOHW in 2013, it has been implementing development projects for persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific. KODDI will pursue its endeavor, with the successful implementation of the Incheon Strategy, to make 650 million persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific live better life and protect their rights.